Welcome to Madison Township

located in the heart of Pickaway County. Our community is steered by a dedicated three-member board of trustees, elected biennially to ensure progressive and responsive governance. Alongside, our elected fiscal officer plays a pivotal role in managing our financial affairs, with terms aligned with the electoral cycle for seamless transition and continuity.

Madison Township is not only rich in governance but also in heritage, as exemplified by the historic Fridley-Oman Farmhouse. Our commitment to preserving and celebrating our history is evident through our strong ties with the Pickaway County Historical Society and the Genealogical Library.

We are proud to provide comprehensive information and resources to our residents and visitors. Our website offers detailed township demographics, historical data, and cemetery maps, alongside essential documents and downloads such as zoning and rezoning applications, variance requests, citizen complaint forms, and more. These resources are designed to facilitate easy access and understanding of our township's regulations and history.
Regular meetings of the Madison Township Trustees are open to the public, held monthly with varying schedules according to the season, ensuring community involvement and transparency in our proceedings.